The importance of teaching generosity and kindness to children

No matter how elaborate your holiday giving plans, it is important to talk to children about the true meaning of the holidays and the spirit of kindness and generosity that surrounds this special time of year.
Parents are powerful models to their children during their developing years. As such, their impact should transmit lessons which their children can assimilate into their value system.

Generosity is a positive trait that parents should consider teaching their children, for it would enhance the discovery of other traits that would help them to succeed in their future careers.  Children are easily impressed by what they see in their parents. If they see them offering help and showing kindness to others, children emulate these kindly acts. If parents are mindful of the welfare of their fellow men, their offspring will catch the same spirit towards others, too.

Ellen G. White, the author of the book, Education, wrote, “Character building is the most important work ever entrusted to human beings; and never before was its diligent study so important as now. Never was any previous generation called to meet issues so momentous; never before were young men and young women confronted

Children at the Ilori Centre, La Carpio,Costa Rica sharing their food!

by perils so great as those confronting them today.”

Reading & Giving is a program of Wise Heart Books designed to support educational programs for disadvantaged children in the USA and Central America.  By buying our set of books, not only will your child learn many important qualities that build strong character, mind, and heart, they will also know that they are helping another child.  For more info please visit our website,

Wise Heart Books is an initiative of the BienDeMujer Foundation.  For more information about our projects please visit and
To watch a video of the Ilori children, please go to

Learning to work together and share their materials!

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